Tips to Relieve Allergies While Doing the Household Chores

Cleaning your house regularly can help remove allergens that trigger your allergies and may assist in relieving your symptoms. Knowing some cleaning tips can be beneficial for you, especially if you suffer from allergies. However, there are still some typical mistakes that a lot of you commit that only makes your allergies worse, instead of trying not to trigger it.  Below are a few means of keeping a clean house and controllable allergies: 

Ask another member of your family to do some of your house chores. 

It would be best for you if you prevent house chores that involve vacuuming or dusting when you’re allergic to dust mites.  

Never apply shampoo carpets 

This must be prevented since the excess moisture can possibly result to increase of dust mites or mold development.  

Clean the entryways outside. 

You can do this by vacuuming or sweeping it. The cleaner your patio or path is, the lesser the chances of someone to track pollen or dust into your home.  

Utilize a mop and damp cloth as you clean 

Using such things can help trap and catch allergens rather than dispersing them into the air.  

Never air-dry laundry. 

If you leave your clothing outside, it can possibly gather mold and pollen. Instead, you just have to use the clothes dryer. 

Never utilize scented detergents or cleaners 

When you are suffering from allergies, the cleaner’s fragrances could be a triggering factor. Hence, it’s recommended for you to search for fragrance-free products.  

Wash your sheets in hot water every week 

Guarantee that the hot water you use is at least 130F, which is the ideal temperature that can effectively eliminate dust mites. When your kids have allergies, you can also do this with their washable toys or stuffed animals.  

Make sure your bathroom is mold-free 

Regularly scrub the tile and never forget to clean your shower curtain as well. You might want to consider to put it inside your washing machine and wash it often just to make sure.  

Wear a face mask as you clean 

This should never be forgotten especially if you have allergies. Also, after you’re finished cleaning your home chores, it would be best if you leave your home for a couple of hours. This can help to minimize your exposure to the allergens you’ve dispersed in the air earlier.  

Cut clutter 

Piles of clothing or boxes can possibly catch dust and buildup allergens such as cockroaches and dust mites. Hence, it’s important to refrain from having such boxes or always declutter your things.  

Vacuum at least once/twice every week 

Guarantee that you utilize a vacuum with HEPA filter because there are a few allergens that are too tiny that they can directly pass through a usual vacuum filter. Meaning, each moment you try to vacuum, there’s still a possibility that you could be extracting them off your floor and letting them off into the air that you breathe in. 

If you think that your allergies only got severe while cleaning your home, it’s important to reach the best allergist Chicago to treat your allergies right away.